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3 tips to keep your oven clean

1/ Limit those spills in the oven, keeping your oven clean is so much easier if you don't make a mess in the first place. Using roasting bags, checking the temperature of meat outside the oven and using small lipped baking trays make a massive difference to the mess that's made. Sounds basic but small spills carbonise over time and then become more and more difficult to remove.

2/ Limit the mess from spills; regular cleaning of baking trays the use of a decent quality oven liner makes for a clean oven, Aga, Range or stove. catching those spills means that they can be removed easily before they become burnt on in place.

3/ After you've had something particularly messy cooking with lots of spills etc. You are best getting an oven proof tray and filling with water with a bit of lemon in it and putting it in the cooling oven. When the oven is cool enough use an old tea towel of the cotton variety to wipe around the inside. The moisture from the water will have loosened the dirt and it will help keep your oven sparkling.

Of course when it becomes too much call a professional to get the return of the new looks and smell.

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Shiny clean oven

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